Special Programs

Special Programs

The following PDF presentation shows some of the short programs that the Southeast Asian Studies Center has hosted during 2017:

Approaching ASEAN:
Doorways to Thailand and Southeast Asia

This fall, the Southeast Asian Studies Center  will offer an immersive program, Approaching ASEAN. This will be a great introduction to Thai and Southeast Asian Culture. Southeast Asia is quickly approaching the coming together of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) and this short program will have a lecture series comprised of ASEAN Economics, Thai and SE Asian History and Culture, Comparative Religion Study of Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam, Cultural Diversity and Minority Cultures Studies, and Humans Rights. To help participants understand the context of what they are learning, there will be opportunities to visit local cultural heritage sites around Chiang Mai as well as visits and homestays in local villages. These programs are offered throughout the year and the next one begins on May 18th. There are one and two week courses available.  For more information about this cultural exchange program, click the link below.

For more information about this program, download our brochure:
Approaching ASEAN: Doorways to Southeast Asia
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Customized Programs are also available

We offer the possibility of developing courses and programs suited to the specific needs or interests of individuals, and organizations including government bodies and companies. Drawing on the resources, experience and expertise of the various Faculties and Colleges of Payap University, we can create a program that suits your particular requirements and interests. These custom short term programs have helped to supplement international study tours, visiting community research programs and various international exchange programs.

If you are interested in further exploring the possibility of developing a special study program tailored to suits your needs, please contact our program coordinator, Mrs. Chanpim Rawin, at pyuseasc@imail.payap.ac.th.