John Butt, M.Div., S.T.M., Th.D.(ABD)
(Harvard University, U.S.A.)
A well-known scholar on comparative religion and inter-faith dialogue

Assistant Professor Suchart Setthamaliness, Ph.D.
(University of Hawaii, U.S.A.)

Assistant Professor Phongthada Woodthikarn, M.A.
(University of Delhi, India)
Assistant Professor of Sociology and Anthropology of Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities at Payap University in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Asst.Prof. Pongthada Woodtikarn earned Belchelor Degree in History from Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand and Master Degree in History from University of Delhi, New Delhi, India. Her scientific publications are formed in various types for example “For a Life Better Than Prostitution”, “A History of The Middle East”, “A History of Modern Asia”, “The History and Culture of Asia : Southeast Asia”…so on. She was honorly awarded from NRCT-JSPS, Sumitomo Foundation, Thailand Research Fund and United Board of Christain Higher Education in Asi.

Surinthip Chawla, M.A.
(Panjab University, India)

Narong Thongsuk, D. Th.
(Asian Baptist Graduate Theological Seminary,Hong Kong)

Worawan Katcheena, B.A.
(Sukhothaithammathirat University, Thailand)

Worawan Katcheena, Student Development Officer of the Promotion of the ARTS and Culture Center, Payap University, Chiang Mai, Thailand.
She received Diploma in Thai Classical Arts from Chiang Mai College of Dramatic Arts and Bachelor Degree in Mass Communication and Thai Classical Dramatic Arts from Sukhothaithammathirach University. She has taught undergraduate students of Hong Hue University from China and undergraduate students of different Universities from America in the course of Thai Arts Appreciation of Thai Language and Culture and in the course of Introduction to Thai Dance. As she works at the Arts and Culture Center of Payap University, her work relates to promote Thai arts, traditional Thai dances and Thai cultures. She has organized traditional Thai dances to perform in Myanmar and in many different universityies in Thailand. She has been awarded as the PYU Best Staff 2014 of Payap University.

Wutthichula Khunpatwattana, M.I.A.
(Columbia University, U.S.A)
Wutthichula Khunpatwatana is a lecturer in the Faculty of Economics at Payap. He earned his bachelor degree in Accounting from Chiang Mai University in 1993. He works with IRCP to facilitate student and faculty exchange between Payap and institutions all over the world.
He started his career at Thai Cathode Ray Tube Co., Ltd. in Chonburi Province and at Pongpan Furniture Ltd. Part. as an accountant and began to think about how to develop local businesses or SME’s to make them competitive and able to survive in the market. This interest led him to study further at Columbia University in New York in their Economic Policy Management Program. He earned his Masters Degree within a year with the experience of a trainee at the Bangkok Bank Co,. Ltd. Of New York Branch.
As Thailand had suffered from the collapse in 1997 known as Tom Yum Kung Crisis, his family business also struggled and asked him to help re-structure the organization, appointing him as a manager. Over the next 10 years working there, he continued to think about the power of knowledge. After revising and balancing the business, he realized his passion for helping businesses and young entrepreneurs and decided to pursue a teaching career. He had learned that business is not only making money but also relating to management, source, plan, money, environment, and above all good governance and moral of business. These aspects of business are key to success and everyday, he gets to help business students become successful.

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