Getting Around


There are many ways to get around while studying abroad at Payap University:

Bicycling is often the preferable mode of transportation for SEASC students. There is an option to rent or buy bicycles while studying abroad and many students find it the most freeing way to travel. While the Chiang Mai traffic can seem intimidating, Thai motorists are accustomed to sharing the road with bicyles and riding a bike is a safe and cheap way of getting around.


Songtaow (Central Thai for “two rows”), or “Red Truck” as it is sometimes called, is a covered pickup truck with bench seats running along both sides. It is the most common form of public transportation. Most trips within the usual range of that driver will need negotiating.



These are the smaller three wheeled vehicles that look like overgrown golf carts, but sound like a chainsaw! Tuk-tuks are a fast and easy way to get from one place to another, but you’ll usually pay more for the convenience, typically from 120 to 200 baht.



In the past several years Bangkok-style metered taxis have sprung up in Chiang Mai. The base fare is 40 baht, so expect to pay between 60-100 for a typical ride around town. Taxis still aren’t nearly as ubiquitous as in Bangkok, so you may have to call for a pick-up. You can call Lanna Taxi at 053-279-291 and the service is available 24 hours a day though calling for a reservation will cost an additional 20 baht.