WHY Study Abroad?

Learning about the world first hand helps you to understand your own culture, your own self.
Travel study is an excellent step toward discerning and achieving your dreams!
See the world!
Learn new languages!
Meet new friends!
Change your context of life and study.
Boost your self-confidence and independence.
Strengthen adaptability, communication, and team-building skills.
Increase your cross-cultural competency.
See life from different perspectives.
Learn more about yourself and your home culture.
Share your culture with those who may have only a Hollywood mentality.
Gain work skills.
Gain life skills.
Understand your major in new ways.
Help put the future in perspective.
About 1% of American students study abroad (nafsa) - be one of them!
Learn to find and live on common ground as you expand the borders of that ground together.
Eat amazing foods!
Live the dream!
   - There are enough people sitting on the couch. Live a life that is worthy of jealousy!